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Tarboy Tarboy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Damnit man...

This is incredible.
At first I was like "Ya it's pretty sweet whatever"
But then I found myself watching it again and again.
The sounds and music are SO incredible. How the hell did you do it? Hania must have godly skills.. that like, jazz piece is ridiculously good.
And and... the design of Tar Boy is pretty cool, like, ya, it has the potential to be better I guess? But damnit! The design of the "fat cat" guy, who escapes and tricks Tar Boy... SO BEAUTIFUL. Like, the drawing of him smiling all evil-like as Tar Boy melts.... my God its... good. Aha. And ya the music at that point helps immensely.
So basically.
Its interesting too because it would be cool if you made Tar Boy 2 because this one is great, but I'm not psyched for it. I don't find the story of it necessarily captivating, but how it is told is just inspiring. I'm not looking for the 2nd Tar Boy for the sake of wanting to know what happens next really, but for the sake of enjoying more of HOW you have gone about telling the story.
Basically it is not Tar Boy that I am looking forward to, but more of anything made by you.
... I should check out your other stuff

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Two minutes of terror EP1 Two minutes of terror EP1

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Doesn't do much for me

It just seems pretty plain to me.
Well I guess first of all I should say that I am not a fan of that particular style of horror, in the gory, pop-up sense.
To me it seems like that style relies heavily on the visuals. Something I think you could work on is lighting. Like, I think your colours are too bright and stuff. Adding some darker colours and shadows I think would have a scarier effect.
Ya I think the main thing that could help is lots of shadow and darkness.
The sounds were good. Though I guess the girl's voice could be better.
But it isn't all bad. It is kind of satisfying in a way.
I suppose it is satisfying in that it has potential. I can see you making some awesome stuff in the future.

SuperVillain IV (part 1) SuperVillain IV (part 1)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Aw man I wrote my reviews to both parts on the wrong submission... damn. This is the review for Part 2. D'other one is for this Part 1...
I forgot to mention how I love your sound effects. Their style (I guess?) beautifully matches your artwork.
And who would totally not be enraged by a child's scream? Hahahah. Aw yes... justice well served with that ice cream.
I love the SuperVillain's box graffiti on the wall... spirit of the people. Heh
I also how it seems like the sun is on SuperVillain's side.
Annnnd of course some good SuperVillain shenanigans go down.
I like the... level.. of heinous deeds he gets into at the end. The same sort of being a jerk, but just to an extreme. It's not like, actually villainous. Which is sweet.
Much love for SuperVillain's ways: the pineapple and all the other simple tools he uses.

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SuperVillain IV (part 2) SuperVillain IV (part 2)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You brought back some good ol' SuperVillain shenanigans from II. Like, I found III was a bit too extreme. It took away from the funnyness. SuperVillain was actually being QUITE villainous in his deeds, rather then just, you know, mischievous.
Remix of the same song in SuperVillain II. Man, this is too good to be true
I love SuperVillain's techniques of fighting in comparison to the Pope's! So good. Like, the traffic cone part was a stroke of genius. Heheheheheheh.
But ya, SuperVillain just using ordinary shit in extraordinary SuperVillainous ways, and the pope using his super zord robot deal. Beautiful
Time to watch part 2....

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I think it would've been neat if, on the zoom out, you have shown the other balls like. orbiting the big one. Bouncing around it. Coming back to the guy.
Music was pretty bomb
I like the design of the balls

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Spookyville 2 Spookyville 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Man... that was the last one?

That was awesome. I'm glad it this episode went on for as long as it did. It got.. pretty random at parts. Heh
Though I think a better ending would have been just... rather then they end up in hell, there just is no Heaven 6, and they just lie there, dead and nothing more, forever.

'cause with how the ending is.. there could be a Spookyville in hell.. right..?

'Wet Floor' 'Wet Floor'

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's good

There are just a bunch of little things that bug me about it
Like in the first little walking loop (and in general, I guess), shouldn't his back leg be darker then the one in the front? And also it looks like both feet tilt towards the screen when he steps, but he's walking straight forward. So it's like it looks like he should be walking towards the screen sort of.
When he's getting up after having fallen down, his hands look kind of awkward. It looks like he's getting up by putting pressure on the side of his hand, rather then getting up by putting pressure on his palms; his fingers are always facing the screen, it looks like.
And when he slips and his hand falls into the toaster, it's going kinda slow. It almost looks like he places his hand in the toaster.
Also he doesn't really look that much in pain >_> Hehe
And in general, some times it seems as though his hands just do what they feel. It looks as though there's no logic behind where his hands go. Like when the one hand slips into the toaster, then other maybe should go to the table to help support him.
When he's about to fall out the window, the... um.. what's it called? When he leans forwards before flyin' backwards... it seems slightly too long. Not... natural and springy enough. But that part in general is pretty sweet.
And isn't this whole idea from The Simpsons? Homer is slipping around and his hand falls in the toaster? I forget what episode and may be wrong but there's still an inkling of a memory. Plus the music <_<

Those are just little things... real little... so ya. Hehe. It's good though

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IGotSomeFalling2DoParody IGotSomeFalling2DoParody

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Needs more effort/originality

K, the only decent thing was the banana spinning. Try more stuff like that. As in more frame by frame animation.
Other then that
The song is not yours.. so I can't give you any kudos for that
The sequence of events was exactly the same as the actual video for I've Got Some Falling To Do, even down to the band playing in the sky, and the banana spinning (in the actual video, the guy is front flipping, me thinks).. so zero originality there. Even your characters weren't original (actually this I am only assuming... you just said that it is the Banana Comics version of this... so I'm assuming that the characers in the Flash are from the Banana Comics thing)
You say this was to practice your animation skills? Even if it was just that... there was not much animation in there. Like I said, the spinning banana was acceptable, but everything else.. like the drumming and the lip syncing... well... you could've put more effort into it if it were just practice. Practice is like, training, right? When you train you should really test your limits. The best thing in that was the spinning banana, so you should've tried more stuff like that, me thinks

ttstrangler responds:

I'm new to Flash, so I'm trying to toy around with it... I've been animating in Toon Boom Studio for a while now, so I know how to animate... again, this was just practice. As for the originality part, that is why it's called a parody. Sheesh. I don't know how many times I've received that response. By the way, I did get permission from the owner of BananaComics to do this animation. I do have my own original characters. In fact, one of my original characters is hidden in the video. Sorry that you didn't like it, and I'm glad you gave some hints, but try not to sound like I made the worst thing in the universe, because trust me, I have made much worse stuff. ;)

Stickman Ninja Stickman Ninja

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Like the kingkillah just said

Not a very original idea
You need have some variation in the sound effects.
You should probably add some background music
Practice the movement of the stick figures more. Just work at that until it looks more natural.
You should add a background into each scene.

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Nutter666 responds:

I was bored....Its not meant to be all fancy and well made. It was just for fun

-Soup- -Soup-

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

It was a decent song but then again

you didn't make the song...
But ya.
I would say that you should just practice more.
Just try animating some stuff.. as in have stuff move around in the scene, rather then making a new scene and just having images appear.
You should get a feel for how things move, and how to make things move in Flash.

Regashii responds:

How many times do i have to say this, i KNOW it isnt my song it says on the start of the movie AND in the commentary "The Soup Song BY THE MIGHTY BOOSH" (ie not me!)